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Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake With Fudge Icing

The cake is moist and has the perfect amount of chocolate when paired with the incredibly rich chocolate frosting. If you're looking for a chocolate pound cake recipe this is a very good one.

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Kahlua Fudge Frosting Recipe

Add egg, then egg white, beating well after each addition.

Old fashioned chocolate cake with fudge icing. Every recipe box needs a classic yellow cake in its arsenal, and this best yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting is absolutely the best recipe for yellow cake you'll try! We picked a recipe from cuisine at home magazine. Not going to lie, i teared up a bit.

2/3 cup of cocoa, 3 cups sugar, 1/8 tsp. Old fashioned chocolate fudge frosting. I didn't change anything about it.

But when i think about what i want for dessert, i almost always am craving cake. I wish i could share a picture. Cream butter in large mixing bowl.

Just made the perfect chocolate cake. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. When i saw fudge in the title i hoped it was a fudgey and chocolatey traditional chocolate cake.

It’s thick, rich, and very fudgy! The recipe for both the old fashioned chocolate fudge cake and the most chocolaty chocolate icing that i have ever had come from maida heatter’s book of great chocolate desserts. Wow, he did a great job after throwing away the first batch when he figured out there was a difference between the capital t and the lower case t!

However the final cake pictured has a double recipe. The kids loved it anyway with devils food cake, and we just added a little whipped cream on top to cover up the looks of the frosting! Fudge frosting comes together by cooking some of the ingredients on the stovetop, then mixing it all together until it is thick, smooth, and absolutely divine.

Grandma’s boiled icing (aka fudge frosting): Vanilla, 1 and 1/2 cups milk, 1/4 cup butter. To frost the cake, pour 1/4 of the icing over the first layer, 1/4 of the icing over the second layer, and the remaining icing over top.

These photos are for a single recipe of icing. We don’t how old the recipe is but it has been handed down for generations. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

I love this on yellow and white layers for contrast, and on chocolate layers for deep chocolate pleasure. In reply to looking for old fashion chocolate frosting that hardensthis is how to make the frosting: I don’t understand why they used pink frosting in the movie, chocolate on chocolate is much more appropriate for an 11 year old boy’s birthday cake, lol.

Excellent chocolate cake i've been looking for a good recipe like this for a loooong time. Old fashioned chocolate fudge frosting. Dive into this dark, dense, rich, and moist double chocolate cake that is covered with creamy smooth old fashion chocolate fudge frosting.

I made it the first time with the icing as suggested it was great but i found the icing a bit too heavy and the cake on its own without the icing speaks for itself. Today’s timeless tradition’s post is an absolute honor to share with you. I always adore nigella's baking.

Due to my time constraints, dh decided to make the birthday cake (his first ever) for our son. By the end, i do end up having to just spoon bits of the fudge icing onto the cake it gets so thick. Add sugar, beat until light and fluffy.

I thought it could make it fluffier, but instead, it turned into one giant lump of frosting, too stiff to spread! In a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. If you want a nice and thick icing you'll need to double it.

Also added expresso (half a teaspoon) instead of hot water in the icing and some chocolate chips into the batter as well as on the top of the cake. It just seems so unethical when i see a yellow cake with another frosting. I was practically giddy while trying to decide which of her 12 chocolate cake recipes to make.

Recipe adapted from grandmother mimmy and joy of cooking When emilee told me she wanted to share her granny’s cake and some of the memories that went with it i was so pleased. I'm a total cake person, and just realized this recently.

This is a very good recipe for chocolate fudge icing. The first bite will take you back to when the simple things in life made you grin from ear to ear. I mean chocolate frosting is made for yellow cakes.

I love pound cake and i love chocolate cake but the combination of the two has never been my favorite. This frosting tastes great, like a fudge almost, but don't do what i did and beat it too long. If you want a regular portion of icing, as pictured on my old fashioned peanut butter icing post (here) just make a single recipe.

I make it while the chocolate pound cake is cooling and then begin pouring the fudge icing over the top once it is ready. You just use the recipe for making hersey's cocoa fudge: Grease and flour bundt pan, set aside.

I increased cocoa for 50g and add full cream yogurt as i didn't have sour cream.

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