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Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Stir to combine and chill. An old fashioned recipe made with rum instead of bourbon will do the trick.

Stupidly Simple 3Ingredient Rum Cocktails Easy

250 ml havana club 7 años.

Rum old fashioned cocktail recipe. 1 eyedropper bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters. It’s one of those recipes that i have a hard time sitting down to write out because i have so many other recipe ideas swirling around in my head. Choose your country or region :

We’re fans of bitter things, so we typically use around four dashes of bitters for an old fashioned. A tiny splash of allspice dram adds some pepper and savory spice to the cocktail to keep the sweetness of the rum and simple syrups in balance. We actually serve two versions:

Bacardi 8 year old rum, 70cl £ 29.95 £ 2.14 per cocktail, makes 14 wray & nephew white overproof rum, 70cl £ 29.95 £ 0.43 per cocktail, makes 70 velvet falernum, 70cl £ 14.75 £ 0.17 per cocktail, makes 87.5 angostura aromatic bitters, 20cl £ 11.45 £ 0.11 per cocktail, makes 100 buy from the whisky exchange If you want an even more deluxe rum old fashioned, make your simple syrup with demerara sugar. Twist an orange or lemon peel over the drink to release the oils, then use as a garnish.

Mix well, then add ice. We love tapping a rum old fashioned from an oak barrel. We use muscovado sugar as our sweetener.

The old fashioned is a very simple cocktail. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Fill a mixing glass 2/3 full with ice.

Add rum, simple syrup, and bitters to an old fashioned glass. But the real takeaway, this cocktail is a winter delight, warming and smooth for. The dockside is a fantastic rum old fashioned recipe, that is rich, has depth of flavor, and is also really easy to make.

*see our muscovado simple syrup recipe. Stir the mix until the ice cube has melted. Add the sugar cube/granulated sugar and angostura bitters to a rocks glass with a single ice cube 2.

It does work surprisingly well with the south’s first spirit—rum, which was imported from the caribbean long before corn decided it wanted to be liquor. That’ll give you some deeper, molassesy notes. Instead of angostura bitters, try using angostura orange bitters, and garnish with an orange twist.

Add 2 more ice cubes, then pinch the citrus zest so the aromatic oils spray over the drink, then drop it into the glass. The old fashioned is a classic cocktail and it’s probably surprising that i haven’t posted the recipe here on girl & tonic yet. This is a great showcase for the rum, so chose one that you like.

My recipe for a spiced rum old fashioned is a modern twist of an old classic. The rum old fashioned pairs a fall simple syrup with earthy and cinnamon bitters to create a drink that tastes like fall in a glass. Let’s take a step back in time real quick.

Top with orange oil from the twist of an orange skin, discarding the peel. Stir until very cold, about 30 seconds. Remember me (do not tick if it is a shared computer) enter you must include a 4 digit year you must include a 2 digit month you must include a 2 digit day you must be.

Add appleton, ron zacapa, smith and cross rum, rich demerara syrup, angostura and mole bitters. Strain over a large ice cube in a double old fashioned glass. Whichever route you go, pour.5 ounce simple syrup into your rocks glass.

“give the old fashioned a little twist with some dark rum. Well, even though a bourbon old fashioned is what we have come to know and love, the old fashioned cocktail wasn’t always made with whiskey. An old fashioned recipe made with rum instead of.

Add all ingredients, with ice, to a mixing glass. How to mix drinks in 1862. I replace the traditional whisky with a more mellow (and seasonal) spiced rum which brings big, bold spices and a lovely orange, caramel finish that’s great for the holiday season.

You need to be of legal drinking age to enter our site. A variation of the old fashioned using holland gin (genever) was first mentioned in jerry thomas' bartenders guide: 10teaspoon of white sugar (or 125 ml sugar syrup) 10twists of orange peel.

Stir to chill and strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Trust me, you'll want to try this. Twist the peel over the cocktail to release some of it's oils, then add to glass.

The simplicity of the drink allows the spirit to shine through and doesn’t hide the alcohol. 5teaspoon of white sugar (or 62,5 ml sugar syrup) 5twists of orange peel. But here’s a bit of heresy:

Composed of a spirit, sugar, water and bitters—the same formula as the first recorded definition of the word “cocktail”—the drink can be customized liberally and still work. Garnish with a cherry and serve immediately. It was apparently first created by a bartender in louisville, kentucky at the pendennis club.

Love cocktails with rum but feel limited by the options? A sturdy and simple pillar of whiskey, sugar, and bitters, it doesn’t cry out for experimentation. Give the classic old fashioned a little twist with some dark rum.

It wasn't mentioned with whiskey until 1880. The story of the old fashioned is exactly as it sounds, an old classic cocktail traditionally make with whisky and sweetened with sugar. One with a couple of extra twists, which customers have come to know and love in the tasting room, and one that’s a little more classic.

Using a vegetable peeler, trim a wide strip of peel from the orange. This rum old fashioned tweaks the classic formula with a simple swapping out of bourbon for aged rum. 500 ml havana club 7 años.

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